Our house rules

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast 't Wienhoes. Our aim is to provide all our guests with a pleasant and comfortable stay. For this we have drawn up a number of guidelines for our guests.



1. The guest receives a key to the room and the entrance of the B&B, which must be returned upon departure. The guest is responsible for properly closing the entrance door to the B&B and the room.

2. In case of loss of the key, we will charge € 25 per key.

3. All rooms have a smoke detector installed! Smoking is only allowed outside.

4. It goes without saying that we expect our guests to handle our belongings with care, to leave the room tidy and to take our other guests into account (no loud music or television, etc.) after 22:00.

5. Since "t Wienhoes dates from the mid-17th century, we kindly request that you only flush toilet paper in the toilet. This is to prevent problems in the drains


1. Breakfast is served in the “Horse stable” between 08:00 and 10:30

2. Different times only after consultation with us.

3. Special wishes for breakfast; gluten-free, low-salt, vegetarian, etc. can be indicated when booking.

Use Fitness facilities

1. The Fitness room is open from 10 am to 8 pm. If you want to use the room (max. 2 persons) you can make a reservation with the manager.

2. It is only allowed to enter the fitness room with suitable sports clothing including sports shoes (bring your own).

3. Disinfectant and paper towels are available in the room, please wipe the equipment after exercise. Provide adequate ventilation, garden doors open when you leave the room.

4. Change and shower only in your own room.

5. The fitness equipment must be used correctly.

The garden

1. The garden apartment and garden studio have direct access to the garden. Guests of the B&B can go to the garden from the outside (through the gate along the “Selzerbeek”).

2. Guests are free to use the garden. Of course with respect for the plants and the environment (no waste).

3. Parents are responsible for supervising their children.

4. Part of the garden is private, we appreciate it if it is respected.

Use "Horse Stable".

1. Guests are welcome from 17:00 h. until 23:00 h. use the “Horse stable”.

2. Coffee and tea is free.

3. If you want to eat an ordered meal, you can reserve a table with the manager.


1. Cars can be parked in the street outside the B&B for free. No cars may be parked in the yard of the B&B.

2. Parking is at your own risk.


1. Guests are not allowed to enter the private residence.

2. We are available for our guests until 8 pm. In case of an emergency we can be reached on telephone number 06-16054092 or 06-33002539

Enjoy your stay in our B&B