Op woensdagavond 14 juli hebben ook wij wateroverlast gehad. Inmiddels is het water gezakt en hebben wij de boel weer netjes opgeruimd zodat wij onze gasten weer gewoon kunnen ontvangen.

"... the nicest Bed & Breakfast in South Limburg ..."
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About us



We’re Valeria and Bart. More than 20 years ago we met in Nicaragua. Since then, we have lived and worked together in different places in the world. In July 2020 we decided to settle in the Netherlands. Eventually we found our new home, located in the South of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg, between the river Geul and the Selzer-brook.



In the village of “Partij” near Wittem you will find “het Wienhoes” (the Whine house). In the middle of the 16th century “het Wienhoes” functioned as an Inn, but it was also the place where a toll on whine had to be paid to the Lords of the castle in Wittem.


Our Bed &Breakfast with the same name is located in the beautifully restored right wing.


“het Wienhoes” offers a range of amenities and services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We do our best to combine comfort and convenience so that we can give you the attention and luxury you deserve. Our impeccable accommodations and our hospitality guarantee you will have a pleasant stay with us. Discover what we have to offer and book your stay today.




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